The Region of Waterloo has struggled to build a consistent audience for many of their programs over the years. The Region wanted to bring an initiative to the Federal Government’s ‘Smart Cities Challenge’. The Smart Cities Challenge is a pan-Canadian competition open to communities of all sizes that encourages communities to adopt a smart city approach to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technologies. The winning city will win $50 Million!


The Region of Waterloo tried a new approach for their Smart Cities Challenge by getting digital marketing aid from Rozaay Management. The company took part in the initiative and decided to implement a digital strategy with help from Rozaay Management. With our strategy and campaign we decided to help amplify World Children’s Day and the announcement of the Smart Waterloo Region program. We built out a strategy and had NBA clients and influencers share the announcement about the initiative on their social media channels.


We produced “Smart Waterloo Region” marketing stats to see how many people we can reach.  Our results were phenomenal as we managed to reach over 300,000+ people while generating over 800, 000+ impressions. With the help of Rozaay Management, the Region of Waterloo was able to reach thousands of people and have a very successful challenge. The winners are soon to be announced.

The results of our strategy: 993,693 Impressions – 441,402 Reach




On October 17th 2005, the National Basketball Association former commissioner David Stern enforced a mandatory dress code for all NBA players.  For a brief period, confusion rose amongst NBA players for the style of clothes they can and cannot wear when attending games. Players we’re in search of fashionable attire they can wear that respects the NBA dress code. Embellish wanted to use the NBA All-Star Weekend as an opportunity to promote their NBA approved attire.  In 2015, Embellish contracted Rozaay Management to handle the brands sports marketing. Our roles and responsibilities were to develop sports marketing campaigns, social media growth, product placement and help to build the brand through experimental marketing campaigns.


Rozaay Management strategized social media campaigns with various NBA players through personal and professional relationships to increase the brand awareness and visibility of Embellish. Players and influencers such as DJ Khaled, Damian Lillard, Meek Mill, Kristaps Porzingis, 50 Cent, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul, CJ McCollum and more we’re also seen wearing the Embellish brand from the success of the campaigns. In recent years, NBA players have become some of the most fashionable athletes in the world. Entering arenas have now become a talent show for the most creative and fashionable players. Rozaay Management went above and beyond to reach out to a wider client range for the Embellish brand. With Rozaay Management’s branding expertise, Embellish successfully launched a pop-up shop at the 2017 NBA All Star Weekend in New Orleans.


Embellish made major headlines with their successful pop-up shop and immediately gained the attention of many other celebrities. Over 28 NBA players came out to show support, including other big names such as: DJ Khaled, Migos, Meek Mill, 21 Savage and more. Today, with the current dress code in place, Rozaay Management has helped NBA players look fashionable while still respecting the NBA dress code. With the help of Rozaay Management, the company’s Instagram account grew from 9,000 followers to 109, 000 followers in a span of few month from 2016 to 2018.